Current Guidelines

Hi folks,

We will be enforcing the following set of rules effective April 10:

All guests must be infants or 15+

Face masks are required inside the building. A shirt over the mouth does not suffice. This includes ordering drinks and restroom use.

Limited Seating
Please follow directional signs while on the property. You are welcome to enjoy the patio and tables set up in the yard. However, these tables are set up according to the mandated distancing guidelines and cannot be moved. Groups cannot exceed 12 people. You may bring personal folding chairs to enjoy other portions of the lawn but you must maintain 6' distancing.

We look forward to seeing you!

Jim and Jean


Upcoming Events:
  • 4/7

    7 PM
  • 4/8

    7 PM
  • 4/9

    Performing: Doin Time
    6 PM
    Food Truck: Rollin Wraps
    12 PM – ?
  • 4/10

    Performing: Brisk
    5 PM
    Food Truck: Llamacita
    1:30 PM – ?
    Living History Event
    1 PM - 5 PM
  • 4/11

    Performing: Emmie Dohse
    3 PM - 5 PM
    Food Truck: Wayne's Delicious Eats
    12:30 PM – ?
    Living History Event
    12 PM - 4 PM

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